Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions

If you are a current Rotary member you are able to switch to our Rotary-E-Club, however we need to do the right thing and follow the procedure. This is the procedure:

First you need to let us know that you are maybe interested in joining our club. You will then get an invitation for a meeting, so we can get to know each other a little bit better. After the first meeting we will talk some more about the possibility of you becoming a member and the expectations from you to our Rotary-E-Club and from our Rotary-E-Club to you. Once you and our club are sufficiently informed and are willing to proceed, then the next step is for you to let your current club know that you want to make a transfer to our Rotary-E-Club.

Maybe we are a good fit and maybe we are not a good fit. If we are a good fit, then you are able to join our club. In order to find out if we are a good fit, we invite you to contact us for a phone conversation. During this phone conversation we will talk and invite you to one of our club meetings. There the other members can see who you are and you can see who the other members are. If you and we still see that we are a fit, then you can join a second meeting and after the second meeting a decision has to be made by both you and the club whether we can proceed or not.

We meet 2 times a month on a Tuesday evening via Zoom at 9 p.m. Brussels time. This is the first Tuesday of the month and the third Tuesday of the month. Besides that we also have 4 physical meetings during the year. On average that’s 1 physical life meeting per quarter. So in total we have 24 meetings, where 4 meetings are live on site and 20 meetings are via Zoom.

In Rotary we have certain rules. One rule is the Four Way Test. What is expected of Rotary members is that they actively participate in the meetings and also actively participate in the charities that we support. So it’s both investing your time and energy and also contributing with some money voluntarily. And the money part is both a mandatory subscription and also a voluntarily part for donations / Christmas gifts. The donations will always go to the charities that are club support.

The first step to find more information is to go to our other website, which is: and that link is also in the footer of this website. Also you can go to for more information and you can send us an email with your contact details, so we set up a phone conversation and see if we are a fit or not.