Rotary is going online!

Videomeetings, digital collaboration and online drinks are since the arrival of the Corona virus the most normal thing in the world. Why shouldn’t we convert it to something more permanent?

No travel time, lower costs and a flexible club that fits in this time where you come together remotely and together contribute to a better society. Are you our new E-lid?

Who are we looking for?

Involved people, connected to our district by living or working with our district (E-Club of Belgium 1 Passport), who are active in society and who likes challenges. For example, this could be recently departed members of Rotary, who left due to lack of time, or candidate members who decided not to participate for logistical reasons. Also think of volunteers of Rotary projects, who like to stay connected or parents from Interact or Rotaract members. Of course other interested parties are also very welcome! 

What can you expect?

A contemporary club
Low costs
No travel time
New network
Rotary support
Low-threshold entry
Contribution to a better society.

Online meetings

As an E-Club we meet once every fortnight. These online meetings last a maximum of one hour and take place in the evenings. Sometimes an external speaker joins in and shares his story and sometimes the interpretation comes from the own club.


You can follow the meetings of E-club Belgium One Passport at home or from your workplace via Zoom/Teams. Several times a year the club physically meets for a social gathering, an action, or a service project.


An E-Club is a full-fledged Rotary club. The 4-way test and the 3 B’s of Rotary are leading. This means that everything we think, say or do applies: is it true, is it fair for all involved, does it promote mutual trust & friendship and does it benefit all involved? In addition we expect Commitment, Availability and Reliability from every member.

Rotary’s purpose is succinctly expressed in its motto Service Above Self. At Rotary this means that you are willing to give something of yourself, that you want to be of service to society and that you want to make this visible in practice.

E-rotaryclub benelux

You make the difference

rotary netherlands

Rotary in the Netherlands has about 500 clubs with a total of more than 17.000 members. The Rotaryclubs in the Netherlands are part of a worldwide network of Rotary International. The Netherlands is devided in 7 districts, each headed by a governor. The governor represents all district interests.

rotary international

There are more than  33,000 clubs in more than 200 countries worldwide. More than 1.2 million club members form a global network of professionals. Rotary International conducts many programs to help those in need. One of the best known is the PolioPlus program that provides large-scale support to the worldwide fight against polio. But there are also programs to advance international understanding by bringing together people from different countries and cultures. Furthermore, some of Rotary’s spearheads are: youth, water and sanitation and care for our environment.


Will you become a member? Then register at the secretariat of our club: … Do you want more information? Contact us!

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